Raymond Kresha, LPC

Proving Heaven 2.0, by Raymond Kresha

     Heaven 1.0 is great for most people and is taught by most of the world's religions. It involves heaven in a physical place somewhere and is the reward for those who behave in specific ways. It is the home of the glorified body, the same one you have now.

     Heaven 2.0 is the upgraded non-dual knowledge base for thos ready to truly understand as muc as possible of the immensity, power, beauty and Love of Oneness, All-That-Is. Learn gratitude for atheists for pointing out where there is a need for a better awareness and grasp of just what Heaven is all about. Why are things the way they are? Why do good people suffer and die, while evil ones seem to flourish? If you have lost your faith in Heaven 1.0 maybe you just need to overhaul and rejuvenate your understanding of our Source. Once you have answers that satisfy your hunger for understanding, belief and faith return in such a way that you will never doubt again!

     The benefits of upgrading your understanding of Heaven is the release of childish concepts that no longer serve you. You will come to understand the blocks to faith that are inherent in having a body. Learn to see the body in a different way: a tool for learning the ways of the Heaven we have never truly left. Heaven 2.0 brings out the higher teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and "A Course in Miracles." The proof you seek is in the experiences you have in your life and your relationships!

     Best of all, Heaven 2.0 is backwards compatible with the basics of Heaven 1.0 and doesn't require you to give up anything, only to see things from the perspective of the light of Eternity

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