Raymond Kresha, LPC


In this changing world, it is sad when a good manuscript stays in a drawer and no one sees it. Now independently published by Rocky Creek Publishing and made available to you:

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1.  Loving Your Obnoxious and Disgusting Enemies, by Charles Hill, E.D.

     This book is about helping people to find a way to "love all of their neighbors," even the ones who are difficult or impossible to forgive. Helpful practice suggestions are included as one stretches to love others as Jesus commands!  In an intriguing metaphor for life, Dr. Hill suggests "cleaning house" to remove the barriers that make it difficult to achieve this most difficult but rewarding aspect of Christian practice. Dr. Hill knows whereof he speaks, having worked for many years with a "difficult to love" population, registered sex offenders.

Now Available on Amazon in the Kindle and paperback formats.

2.  The Many Names of Jesus, by Andrew Kresha

     This short booklet lists, as the title suggests, the many names in the New Testament for Jesus. Andrew, an ordained deacon, compiled the names as an aid to one's prayer and meditation practices. It is amazing how many different names and phrases the writers of the Bible found to refer to Jesus, such as "story teller" and "curer of every disease and illness."  It is a reference you will go to many times when in need of comfort and inspiration!

3. Proving Heaven 2.0.  Upgrade Your Understanding of Heaven to Build a Rock-Solid Faith, by Raymond Kresha

     St. Augustine said, "The reward of faith is to see what you believe." The upgrade is "Seek to understand so that you might believe again. When you believe, faith, trust and wisdom follow."

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4. Walking Graffiti - A Look at the Words on T-Shirts, An American Art Form,

by Raymond Kresha

     This little book of humor will amaze you are the variety of comments and statements made on t-shirts. There are sayings that will cater to your every prejudice and emotional state. Recommended for 13+ as many are not politically correct!